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I am a fully-motivated and crazy reader of avid proportions. A book is always at the ready no matter where I am, usually a fantasy of some kind or contemporary. (Nie zu viele Bücher!)

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Peter Pan
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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories
Robert Louis Stevenson, Jenny Davidson

2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards Results

Reblogged from books and cleverness:


Check these out! I had not even heard of many of these titles before--which, actually, goes to show how valuable this kind of award can be, not only because of what you usually think of awards as doing--recognizing achievements--but raising the profiles of independent publications that can be overshadowed by Big Six bestsellers. They award gold, silver, and bronze medals in 75 categories, covering an impressively wide range of topics, so there are many, many books to browse and discover here.